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Apprenticeships & vocational qualifications


Apprenticeships are a useful way of combining work and education, earning and learning at the same time.  The Government approves all Apprenticeship programmes.  There are different levels of Apprenticeship in different food-related work, including bakery, butchery, and food technologist.

    Degree Apprenticeships

    Undertaking a food-related degree is a great way to start your career, with some universities now offering degree level Apprenticeships where you can study as well as earn a salary.  IFST's degree accreditation scheme recognises relevant Bachelor and Masters degree programmes/courses for face-to-face and distance-learning students and only accredits the degree programmes which meet the standards set and valued by employers in the food sector.  

    If you want to work towards a degree and work, you might want to consider one of the new degree Apprenticeship programmes which were launched in 2017. Some of which are detailed below:

    Of course, there are many other options.  You might already be in work and, with the support of your employer, be looking for a block release degree programme.  Or you might be looking for a degree or other programme which includes an industrial placement to enable to you to gain experience in the world of work to supplement your studies.

      Vocational qualifications

      Vocational qualifications are work-related qualifications.  They offer practical learning programmes that relate to specific jobs or employment sectors, designed to enable you to acquire knowledge and skills required to achieve the national occupational standards (NOS) for a particular job.

      Vocational qualifications are available in a wide range of subjects at all levels, ranging from the Entry Level to Level 8 which are very similar to other qualification levels: Level 2 is equivalent to grades A*-C GCSE while Level 3 is equivalent to two pass grades at A level.

      You could use an online tool, such as the Careerpilot Qualification Planner, to check out different qualifications and levels.


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