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The Institute of Food Science & Technology (IFST) is the leading professional body for food professionals in Europe and the only professional food body in the UK concerned with all aspects of food science and technology.  As a registered charity, IFST is independent of business, government or special interest groups.

What does IFST do?

  • Through membership activity, IFST shares expertise and knowledge and provides opportunities for professional networking
  • Provides sound scientific information on current topics for students and professionals
  • Promotes cutting-edge knowledge in food science through a leading international research journal
  • Protects the public by establishing and monitoring professional standards and ethical behaviour amongst food professionals
  • Participates in discussion on key food policy issues
  • Encourages learning and knowledge of food science in schools
  • Advances education and continuing professional development (CPD) for food professionals
  • Maintains registers of appropriately qualified food science and technology professional (IFST is also licensed by the Science Council to award Chartered Scientist (CSci) and Registrered Scientist (RSci)).

Learn more about becoming an IFST member

IFST offers three levels of membership: Associate, Member, and Fellow.  Find out more about the benefits of becoming a member, which level is right for you, and how membership will help your career in the food sector.