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Kraft Heinz Team Challenge

The Heinz Team Challenge is announced at the annual Student Career LaunchPad. The challenge changes every year. The Kraft Heinz Team Challenge is a team competition open to any student team within a UK university involved in food science and technology or a related subject. Kindly sponsored by Kraft Heinz and John Wiley & Sons, each year we set a simple challenge which is based on a general theme around encouraging the next generation of food professionals.

The 2016/17 Challenge

Our challenge this year involves the use of Twitter with the ultimate aim of developing a form of ‘Twitter Dictionary’ of food science terms.

As scientists we often have the challenge of trying to express sometimes quite complex terms in simple, clear but still scientifically sound language. So this year’s challenge is to create as many, clear, concise definitions of food science terms but restricted to just 140 characters!

The judges will make their decision based on not just the number of Twitter definitions but also, of course, whether they are scientifically accurate and how clear they are.

Any number of university teams can enter but this year we are limiting the team size to a maximum of five team members.

You don’t need to actually Tweet your definitions as we appreciate you’re going to use up valuable characters on our address and your ID! So please send your entries compiled in a   Word document using the following format.

Salt: Common name for Sodium Chloride used in food to enhance flavour+preservation. Provides essential minerals but can affect blood pressure

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